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How to Boost Your Credit Score 200 Points in Under 30 Days – Using the New Clean Slate Sweep.

Today’s topic we’re going to talk about is how to go from a 500 to a 700 credit score. I want everyone to know the difference of what our clean slate sweep is versus a regular credit sweep. There are a lot of questions some of our clients and potential clients are asking. So I want to make sure that I get those answered today.

The Clean Slate Sweep Difference:

So let’s talk first about the differences between the two credit sweeps. There’s a lot of differences.

The first difference is that the clean slate sweep method is directly integrated with the credit bureaus. There was some money invested (which I won’t disclose the amount) in order to create our proprietary platform that goes directly with the credit bureaus.

The standard credit sweep uses the old school format, which is where you send out the letters. You challenge the information, you wait for them to respond back in 30 days as either “deleted” or it has been “verified”.

The new clean slate sweep does not work that way. We’re not sending out the letters. We actually do everything electronically, going directly to the credit bureaus, saving a ton of time.

Time Is A Major Difference

The next question is what is the time difference?

The standard credit sweep that I’ve had for the last five to six years is very effective. We’ve got a lot of people that say “hey, it’s great, it changed my life”. However, sometimes they want something faster. That’s why we built the fast clean slate credit sweep.

This clean slate credit sweep we’re talking about is under 30 days. In most cases, clients are seeing results in under three weeks. That is the fastest on the planet! Nobody can touch how fast this credit sweep is compared to anything else that’s out there. Whether it’s credit repair or credit restoration.

Our original sweep is an average of two to three months for results. Now we’re talking two to three weeks. Huge difference. Very, very, very effective credit sweep.

Clean Slate Sweep Value

Now, let’s talk about the value difference.

Why is this so much important? Well, there’s a lot of time going into pulling off the new credit sweep. The main question everyone has for us is, why is it valued higher? Because time’s money, baby!

People value time and not money. Think about this for a minute. Think about valuing your time. You can make more money, but you can’t make more time. So if you’ve got something that you’re trying to do like buy a car, get a house, get some credit cards, land a job or maybe you’re looking to start a business; you need to have scores increased fast as possible. The time difference is where this value exceeds anything else with the new clean slate credit sweep.

Clearing Up Any Discrepancies

I’m also going to put it out there because there were some discrepancies online where people were posting comments about it being $375 or $500. This is not your regular credit sweep and it is not for everyone.

There is a specific group of people that this video will apply to. It is for people who can invest. Here’s what I am going to do. I’m giving $100 off for anybody coming through YouTube. I don’t want any discrepancies in pricing so let me address that. The price of the new clean slate credit sweep is $895 to you guys reading and watching this. That is $100 off our regular price for somebody who just contacts us, asking about the clean slate credit sweep. The normal price is $995. The going rate for this sweep in California right now and in New Jersey is over $1,400.

Note: if you’re a broker and you’re looking to sell this, $895 is your price. You can increase it to $1,400 or $1,500 and they sell all day.

Again, time is valuable. We’ve got clients that are going from the 500s to the 700 credit score in two to three weeks.

Imagine This

Can you imagine you walk into a dealership applying for a vehicle and they laugh you off the car lot? The name car dealerships and salesman give you is called a “bogue”. When you’re a “bogue” that means that you’re a bogus client.

You don’t want to be that client. But when you’re in the 550s, if you do get approved. You’re going to be at 25% interest. They’re going to shop you around and give you 10 inquiries on your credit report and you’re going to have horrible payments because of it (inquiries hurt your credit score).

Can you imagine going in there after getting a clean slate sweep two to three weeks later and paying $300 less a month because now you’re in the 700s for the same exact car? It’s a game changer.

It’s the difference between getting approved for a mortgage helping your family to get into a better location. Or being someone that has to live in a horrible place and put their family in risk to be in the ghetto because they’re at 550. Same applies for trying to find an apartment.

A lot of people want to look at the cost. What you need to be looking at is how will this value my life? They should be thinking “I will sell anything to be able to create the money if I don’t have it.” Not concerning yourself with $895. Figure out a way to make it happen for yourself or for your family. Because the person I’m talking to right now knows you’re at a 550, or right around the 500s. I know this because that’s our typical client who needs a credit sweep.

The choice is yours.

You can go through our regular credit sweep (which we recommend). It’s been working for six years. It’s just that you’re going to be at that two to three-month average time versus the two to three-week average time.

So either one is great. The choice is yours but I wanted to share the differences so everybody knows how they work.


Now let’s get to some Q&A for a second.

Question: Does this affect client asks James? Does this affect the sweep if I’m already going through a sweep with you?

Answer: No. If you’re already a client of a different company, maybe you’ve gone through Lexington, maybe you went through some of these other credit repair companies, or you’re with us on your regular sweep. It does not affect the current credit sweep. If you’re going through a credit sweep with us or anybody else, you can get this clean slate credit sweep. It will still be in the same time frame. It will not affect your current situation whether you’re going through a credit sweep or not. It doesn’t matter. This software is amazing.

Question: Ricky asks why is this different?

Answer: Well again, without going into too much I want to refer to question number one. I just went over all those reasons, Ricky. It’s different because it’s proprietary software and methods. It’s a different classification. A Different animal completely. One we’re not sending out the letters. Secondly, it’s super fast.

Question: Rebecca asks, will you be doing a police report?

Answer: No, we are not going to be doing any police report or anything illegal. So you don’t have to worry about that. So make sure, Rebecca, that you let everybody know. This is a legal format. We want to stay legal and compliance. No police report will be issued.

Question: The last question comes from James. He wants to know does it remove positives as well?

Answer: It’s a great question. The answer is no. It will not remove any positive accounts. The software and the methods that we are using are only attacking the negative accounts. So anything that is derogatory minus a bankruptcy chapter seven. We’re talking about late pays, collections, derogatorily charge offs. Those would be included in this clean slate sweep. If you have a chapter seven bankruptcy, we would have to go with a different format using Lexis Nexus is to freeze it first. We could help you challenge that as well with no issues but it’s not through this software.

For More info please call 407-669-7234 or 407-267-6868

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